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Class (link to pages) Teacher (email link)
Ag I Miller, Tanner
Ag Comm Miller, Tanner
Ag Mech Miller, Tanner
Animal Science Miller, Tanner
Fine Arts
Art 1 Allred, Kate
Sculpture Allred, Kate
2D Art Allred, Kate
AP Studio Art Allred, Kate
Band Henderson, Mark
Songwriting Henderson, Mark
Music Tech Houghton, Andrew
Advanced Music Studies Houghton, Andrew
Computer Sci I Matthiesen, Erica
Computer Sci II Matthiesen, Erica
English I Matthesen, Jodi
Advanced English I Matthesen, Jodi
English II Howell, Valerie
English II Loftin, Susan
Advanced English II Loftin, Susan
English III Matthesen, Jodi
AP Language Nelson, Tiffany
English IV Nelson, Tiffany
Mythology Matthesen, Jodi
Humanities/Film Nelson, Tiffany
Government Hayes, Bryan
Government Hight, Brandon
Government Lloyd, Steve
OK History Hight, Brandon
US History Chenoweth, Sage
Advanced US History Chenoweth, Sage
World History Chenoweth, Sage
Algebra I Kennedy, Timory
Algebra I – Special Education Kennedy, Timory
Algebra II Bond, Kevin
Algebra II Kennedy, Timory
Advanced Algebra II Bond, Kevin
Geometry Bryen, Alec
Trigonometry Bond, Kevin
AP Statistics Bond, Kevin
Physical Sciences Sweet, Shanna
Advanced Physical Sciences Sweet, Shanna
Biology Cook, Ashley
Advanced Biology Cook, Ashley
Chemistry I Sweet, Shanna
Forensic Science Cook, Ashley
Anatomy Koons, Tanner
Meteorology Koons, Tanner
Spanish I Lindsley, Chad
Spanish II Lindsley, Chad
Other Classes
Auto CAD Zagar, Jeff
FACS Williams, Cindy
Leadership Nelson, Tiffany
Mythology Matthesen, Jodi
Humanities/Film Bryen, Alec
Humanities/Film Lindsley, Chad
Humanities/Film Nelson, Tiffany
Maroon Academy Howell, Valarie
Residential Construction Zagar, Jeff
Robotics/Engineering Zagar, Jeff
Woodworking Zagar, Jeff
Special Education Math and English Anderson, Paul
High School Librarian Loftin, Susan
High School Librarian Assistant Hight, Ann

900 Fir Ave
Perry, OK 73077

High School
900 Fir Ave
Perry, OK 73077

Junior High
901 Elm
Perry, OK 73077

Upper Elementary
1303 N 15th
Perry, OK 73077

Lower Elementary
1103 N 15th
Perry, OK 73077

Maroon Academy
900 Fir Street
Perry, OK 73077

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