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News & Announcements

Monday, January 19th

Tuesday, January 20th
HS BB at Chisholm 4/5:30
JH/HS wrestling, Stillwater here

Wednesday, January 21st
Sophmores tour Vo Tech 8:30 to 11:00

Thursday, January 22nd
Hs Casgion BB tournament begins: Girls play 11:00, Boys 12:20
Band to All State Clinic at Tulsa

 Friday, January 23rd
HS wrestling tournament at Yukon begins
Band to All State Clinic at Tulsa

Contact Information

High School Office:
900 W. Fir Ave  Perry, OK  73077
Phone:  580-336-4415

Counselor's Office:
Phone: 580-336-2663

Cyberbully Hotline: