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High School Baseball

Schedule 2015

Opponent Location Time  Team
6th Blackwell Blackwell 4:30  
9th Perkins Perry 4:30  
10th Herritage Hall Perry 4:30  
12th Ponca City Ponca City 4:30  
14th Kingfisher/Anadarko Kingfisher 2:00/4:00  

Hector Tovar Tournament

Home TBA  
23rd Hennessey Home 5:00  
24th Bethany  Bethany 4:30  
27th Blackwell Perry 4:30  
30th Heritage Hall Heritage Hall 4:30  
31st Perkins Perkins 4:30  
3rd Cushing Perry 5:00  
4th Jay/Mannford Mannford 11:00/3:00  
7th Cleveland Cleveland 4:30  

Kingfisher Tournament

Piedmont TBA  
13th Kingfisher Perry 5:00  
14th Bethany Perry 5:00  
16th Ponca City Perry 4:30  
17th Mannford Perry 4:30  

Oklahoma Christian

Mannford 4:30  
21st Cleveland Perry 4:30  
23-25 Bethel Tournament Bethel TBA  
27th Tonkawa Tonkawa 4:30  
30th-1st District Tournament TBA TBA   
7-9 Regional Tournament TBA    
14-16 State Tounament TBA    

National Anthem and Flyover at Bricktown

Cooper Skluzacek on the Mound